Looking for Delta Larvesta

Trading Name: xGoldenfeather

Offer: Any, I just finished the 2nd gym

Request: Delta Larvesta

Further info: If possible, could I get a modest nature?

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Do you still need the D.Larvesta?

Yes, please.

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Can you trade in 10 hours after this message?

I just got home from work. I can’t do any earlier than this unless it is the weekend.

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Does your weekend start tomorrow?

Yes, but I have family obligations tomorrow. If Sunday works for you that would be great.

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Sunday it is then

What time works best for you? Also did you want a specific pokemon?

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Any pokemon is fine, my trading name is the same as my username.

When can you trade?

Anytime. I’m not busy right now.

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Let´s do it

Thank you.

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Take good care of him

I will.

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