Looking for Delta Golett

Trading Name: thomasb44

Offer: Delta Soaring Pokemon in any evolution stage with Dream Mist in held.

Request: Delta Golett

Further info:I never win a single match at challenge dome that’s one tougher more than Dev. team.so need this little gladiator to complete my dex.(I’m in UTC+7.00 time zone)

Hm, I’m willing to part with one for a delta charizardite.

ofcourse you can have it.Delta Wailmer w D.Charizardite for your D.Golett,Deal?

Deal. Trade name is casperandtheghost

got it , enjoy your new pokemon and item.and thx a lot 4 D.Golett

No problem, you as well!

I can breed one for ya, have it to you tomorrow, i am EST :slight_smile:

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