Looking for Delta Feebas

Trading Name: s4bleknight

Offer: Delta Litwick or anything that may be of interest. Not too far in the game to be honest

Request: Delta Feebas

Further info: I won’t be able to trade until this weekend. Presumably Sunday. Hopefully this can be done. Thanks.

hey i have a delta feebas, and im cool with getting the delta litwick in return. the delta feebas i have is lvl 1, i got it from wonder trade so i can get another from the in game trade later. Its ability is run away and its nature is Relaxed +defense/-speed, if you are curious. it also has pokerus, if thats ok. if you want to keep the delta litwick however, i can trade delta feebas for a pokemon with the ability frisk and the move thief, but thats up to you. curious about litwicks ability and nature.

TLDR - im interested. heres the details about my delta feebas, ill trade for the delta litwick or pokemon with frisk/thief + want to know ability and nature of them.

Completely unrelated, i have a bunch of lvl 1 Horseas, Cleffas, and Flabebes with pokerus that I am basically giving away to people who want them, if you are interested. If you dont, thats fine.

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