Looking for Delta Feebas

Trading Name: Axy

Offer: Delta Lotad (Modest) / Delta Cyndaquil (Timid) / Delta Axew (Jolly)

Request: Delta Feebas (Calm nature, any IVs)

Further info: Can also offer 1 or 2 IV Stones for it

sure! im breeding now

Thank you! Let me know when you are ready
What do you want for it?

nothing! i already have like, 50 iv stones

Thanks a lot but I’d feel bad about not giving you anything!

okay then, if you really want you can give me an iv stone if you insist

Great, it will be on the pokemon i trade

lmao im so unlucky i soft reset like 20 times

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hey just curious, do you want the mitotic to be defensive or offensive.

still no luck? xd

yeah lol, i am not kidding when i say that i got adamant FIVE times

just look at my desktop

oh my god xd I’m so sorry for the trouble

its fine

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hey so sorry this is taking so long, if you want i can just give you a modest, or if you can wait then i’ll try and get calm

I don’t want to trouble you any more than this. Modest is okay then, no problem :slight_smile:

ok, one last time though just to see if i can clutch it

finger crossed xd

welp fail lol

lol no problem xd