Looking for delta drifloon

Trading Name: superblack004

Offer: Anything breedable (except for delta bulbasaur line)

Request: Anything from the delta drifloon line

Further info: I encountered a delta drifloon through soaring in Torren and it used explosion. I thought I could get another in a wild encounter, but have come to realize that it only appears once. Can someone help me out so I can complete my dex? Thank you!

Hey I’d like to trade, do you have a Delta_Diglett?

Hey! Thank you so much for your response and sorry I took a bit to get back to you.
I just bred a delta diglett for you.
When will you be free to trade?
I will be available tomorrow after 6pm EST.

hey sorry but I cant do 6 but how about 12pm 6pm is 2am where I live

I can do 12pm, but it would have to be on the weekend for me. Do you want to do this Saturday at 12pm?

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