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Looking for Delta Bulbasaur


Trading Name: Christian

Offer: Any breedable delta

Request: Delta Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur

Further info: Due to a bug, I got a second Delta Charmander instead of a Delta Bulbasaur during post-game.
Timezone: GMT +2 (Italy time)
I’m Italian, sorry for my English


I can give you a Delta Bulbasaur, would you be able to trade me a delta sunkern?


Yes, I’ll give you Delta Sunkern


I’m ready, give me your trade name


Okay, I will breed the delta bulb now and should be ready to trade whenever you are


Trade name is ckspoff, give me like 10 min and I’ll be ready


Ok :smiley:


Okay I’m ready now


Ok, let’s trade


Trade completed, thank you :slight_smile:
Now I can complete my Pokédex

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