Looking for D. Scyther

Trading Name: TmcJagger

Offer: ???

Request: D. Scyther

Further info: Adamant + Hustle

You can trade any Steel type for a Delta Scyther on Route 3. Much easier and probably won’t cost you as much (seeing as ANY Steel type will work).

Already done that. didn’t know how good Scyther was until recently. I’ve had a Scizor since before 1.2 and I don’t have access to breeding delta’s yet.

I’ve got jolly 3+IV ones with hustle. I’d be willing to trade one for a heart scale.

Seeing as d-scyther is a glass nuke, you probably want jolly. It already ohkos most things with neutral attack but I can understand if you want to wait for an adamant one. Hope I haven’t been too wordy. :sweat_smile:

Trade name: bredification

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