Looking for D. Golett/Treecko/Charmander

Trading Name: crispchip

Offer: I’m on a playthrough, so I really don’t have anything to offer

Request: I need a Delta Golett, because I would really like to use D. Golurk on my playthrough

Further info: nature/stats are not important, I just need any D. Golett. Also, if you could spare a D. Treecko or D. Charmander, I would like that but It isn’t necessary

Hello, I’m currently struggling really bad on the kayla fight, and I do think these three would help, so if anyone has any of these, please respond ASAP :angry:

i cud give you a delta treeko

Ok, that’d be really helpful! what time today will you be free at?

gimme some time i need to breed it we can do it tom at 4pm ist

I can get you the Delta Golett and Delta Charmander you’re missing. I just want an IV stone in exchange for each of them

Sorry, I already got those two from the discord

Im not sure when that is, but for me it’s 1:30 pm right now

sorry but that’s 6am in the morning for me, and I have work/school tmrw

what possible time for u tom

I should be available in about 2 hours

id u r up to trade today anytime text me on my discord galand45#5419

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