Looking for D Bulbasaur & D Shinx for new game

Trading Name: Jellis

Offer: Delta Cyndaquil/ Delta Larvesta/Delta Froakie/Rock Delta Beldum

Request: Delta Bulbasaur/Delta Shinx

Further info: Starting a new game and wanted to get the last two members of my team set.
Thank you

I can get those to you

Thank you, which would you like in return?

I don’t really care, anything works. Also, does the gender of bulbasaur matter?

Nope either is good. I’m currently on, so just let me know when you are ready.
Again Thank you.

Does the level matter either, they were just hatched out of eggs

The Lower the better, so that works perfectly

Ok I’m ready my trading name is the same as my username

Thank you very much

Any time

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