Looking For D. Aron & D. Dratini

Trading name: GalaxyDragon

Request: Delta Aron & Delta Dratini.

Offer: Anything really. Whether Pokemon and items alike, I’ve just reached Roggan Town, any Pokemon I can get before I take on the Helios Gym, I will catch for you. I’ve got some Pokemon with active Pokerus strains and some deltas I received from wonder trade.

Further info: Abilities: Drought/Flame Body, or Heavy Metal. Either Swift Swim or Volt Absorb. Any could do. Nature: I’m no expert on natures, but I guess anything good? Genders: Male Aron and Female or Male Dratini. Just really want to use them in my playthrough.

I can get you a delta Aron in exchange for a mon with Pokerus. I should be available to trade between 18:00 and 20:00 CEST tomorrow, my trading name is Meowgician
I’m still breeding one right now, I imagine a -sp.Atk +def/sp.def/atk nature will be okay for you? If you have a preference for any of these, let me know, I’m no expert either, but these seem to me to be the natures that delta aggron would eventually want.

As for delta Dratini, I would ideally want a delta wooper or delta chinchou in exchange for it, but I’m open to other offers.
In regards to what kind of nature would be good… Do you plan on running a physical, special, or mixed delta dragonite? Its attack is somewhat higher, but its special attack isn’t terrible either, so it seems to me that any option is equally valid, but this would affect which nature you’d want. For the moment, I’ll prepare a couple of decent ones for each option, but do let me know which you’d prefer.

For Delta Aron that’s good. I’ve done some research and that seems best. I can get you that Pokerus mon. Is any kind of Pokemon okay? I’m on EST but I can be there easily (I’m not busy at all tomorrow). The time difference is not impossible.

Hmmm, I don’t have a Delta Chinchou, I’m not far enough for that one (could see if I luck out in Wonder Trade), but I believe I can get Wooper from Vipik City. I know Deltas are Pokemon that you can only get once though, but I could always see about getting another from another trade in the future. I do have two Delta Cyndaquils from Wonder trade and a Delta Charmander I have no use for, and an IV stone, I do have a Delta Petilil as well. But if you really want that Wooper I’ll get you that one. Oh and also, I’ve more leaning towards a mixed Dratini.

For the Pokerus mon, any mon works. Incidentally, I happened to breed a +def/-sp.Atk male delta Aron with full IVs in everything but sp.Atk, so you can look forward to that.

In regards to the delta dratini, I would prefer the delta wooper, but an IV stone is fine too.
As for its natures, going mixed does make the choice a bit harder, going for -spd could be fine on a swift swim rain team, but delta Aron really would not fit there, so I don’t really know which one you might want… Possibly -def +atk/sp.atk/spd and try not to get hit with physical attacks? I’ll just breed up a few more with different natures and leave the choice to you

Sounds good. I’ll see how catching that Wooper goes. I’ll hold onto that IV stone for you as well if I accidentally faint it.

As for the Dratini. That works great.

The Pokemon with Pokerus I’m sending along will be a female lvl 35 Fletchling.

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