Looking for Cyndaquil

Trading Name: SmhVikki

Offer: Ponyta (lvl. 29) or Riolu (lvl 17) with Steadfast.

Request: Cyndaquil (any level, any of its evolutions, but preferably 15+)

Further info:
No Ribbons,

I’ve got a cyndaquill, if you want it I can trade with you.
You can get it pretty early in the game, route 4 in the grass.

Riolu or Ponyta? Tell me when you’re ready for trade.

I’m ready
Sorry for the delay

Ponyta, plz

Oops, are you ready now? If anyone else is available earlier, please feel free to reply.

If it’s okay, the Ponyta’s lvl. 32 now.

I can trade now

Actually I can’t, I’m downloading the new patch…

Done yet?

Are you ready yet?

Nevermind, I caught a Cyndaquil. Thanks for the efforts though.

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