Looking for Breedjects

Trading Name: Lunar_Moon

Offer: ???

Request: Breedjects (No matter how bad)

Further info: If you consider them breedjects, I’ll take them from you. Forgot to mention - I’m not post game. So any Deltas (Outside Aron, Larvest and Ruin Beldum) I do not have access to.

if you can give me a 5IV min Delta Karrablast, I’ll trade you a semi decent delta growlithe, or a few other mons lying around

Delta karrablast is post-game

Why would they trade you a 5IV one for a bad breedject?

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Do you want a 5IV adamant HA Torchic?

Wait i got a 6IVs one

oh dang maybe

Do you happen to have a female skitty (preferably, but not necessarily adamant) lying around? The breedjects (all bad IVs) I have are: marill, shellder, cottonee, corsola, sewaddle.

Can i have it?

Sure, but i will give you another one, only it sp. def is not perfect trading name Gustavo12231

Trading Name : ThatPokemonner When can we trade?

WHen do we trade

Sorry for making you wait for some reason i did not receive notifications

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