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Looking for breeders: Delta Noibat

Trading Name: CelestialPudding

Request: A Timid Delta Noibat

Further info: I got my Delta Noibat just now and he has Quiet nature, which is absolutely garbage, and I’m looking for someone who can breed a Timid one or even a Neutral Nature. Thank you and if you want a pokemon in return I have a few. I have Delta Squirtle and Charmander that I don’t want, a Timid Froakie, Eevee, Noibat, Honedge, Sceptile, Delta Liepeard, and a Serene Grace Togepi.

I might be able to help you tomorrow.

Alright thanks. Just @ me when you can.

It won’t let me do any more replies so just send a trade request as soon as I say go. @EmilianTheRed

I’m online in the Dexnav @EmilianTheRed so send me a trade request and I’ll send it back.

Unfortunately, that’s not the problem. It’s because I’m a beginner or something so I have a set number of replies for a day.

I have it. I can trade it to you now.

Hey, do you have multiple by any chance? I might get one for myself :joy:

I could breed another one.

Alright, what do you want for it?

What do you have to offer?

Hold on, I’ll check my PC

Delta Dwebble (Cake), Delta Ambipom, Delta Budew, Delta Pidgeot, Delta Gallade, Delta Sunflora, Zebstrika + Zebstrikite is all I got

oh yeah and my delta noibat egg

What natures do they have?

Cake has Jolly, Ambipom has Mild, Pidgeot has Rash, Sunflora is Hardy, Gallade is Lonely, Liepard is Impish, and Zebstrika is Bold.

Also Delta Budew is now off sale :3

None of them really interest me so I’ll just give it to you for free(not really since you still need to technically give me something, so pick a random mon)

Yoooo, thanks!

What’s your username?

vibedoge_. Loading up the DexNav.

Tell me when it’s ready

Ready! What’s your username?

Did you receive the request? And my username is still EmilianTheRed

Nope. Send it again.