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Looking for anything that'll help me beat Zenith

Trading Name: splotchycrib

Offer: Delta Gardevoir or an Aggron

Request: Something that beat up Zenith.

Further info: Made a forum acc purely for this, my team typing just gets shredded by Zenith so I need something that’ll compete against him. The Gardevoir in question is level 75 with a life orb while the Aggron is level 42 with nothing. If you’re interested feel free to leave a message here and I’ll get back to you asap.

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what u want… i have delta ludicolo, delta haxorus, delta serpirior and delta tortera

Garchomp would be a very good choice in my opinion. I don’t have my PC right now, but I think this Pokémon would ba a very good way to counter Zenith.

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Sorry for not replying, I managed to beat him through pure RNG, thank you for responding to my post though.

I managed to beat him lol, thanks for the advice though.

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