Looking for an Eevee

Trading Name: Camsen

Offer: Delta Munchlax or Delta Lotad (or another Eevee if you’d like.) I also have other Delta Pokémon, just ask.

Request: An Eevee. The gender doesn’t matter, but I’d like it to be foreign (non ENG/USA)

Further info: Hello! This might be an odd request, but I hope you’re interested in trading with me regardless. Thanks in advance!

I have one I think

Great, thanks! What would you like in return?

I dunno, a Delta riolu, if you have one

Sorry, I haven’t caught that one yet…

So could you give a Delta from holon (except Delta froakie , Delta aron and Delta meditite)

These are what I have: Delta Gardevoir, Munchlax, Lotad, Aipom, Grimer, Axew, Litwick, Solosis and Cyndaquil.

I only have these so far. It’s okay if you don’t want any of these, I understand.

I would like the cyndaquil

If you are willing to give it

Great, that’s totally fine! When are you ready to trade? I can do it now, if that’s possible.

Yeah, I can also trade now

Okay, what’s your Trading Name?


Ok, I’m online now. I’ll send you a trade request.

Did you safely receive it?

Yes, thank you! Did you get yours?


Thanks again!

No problem

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