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Looking for a Torchic

Trading Name: Jli29

I have a bunch of vibrava
Spare Torchics or pawniard
Further info:
REally want to start the early game with these pokemon
Trying to win a bet, really appreciate it

Sure, I got a few torchics from breeding, is adamant nature good?
Probably too early game but do you happen to have any IV stones? Just wonderin xD

sorry man i dont have any :frowning:

yo i just wondering i can join frinedly safar, but when i trade it says im offline

nah its okay just wondering :))

you free to trade now? my trade name’s hulaunicorns

wdym join friend safari? you need to go to your secret base to access it, if that’s what you mean?

ye i couldnt trade with my friend ealier and idk why

im online tho

oof that b annoying
you’re online now?

ye immma sned it now

your user is jli29? it says ur not online

J123123 is my user nanme

that didn’t work either
are u logged in, like are you on the trade screen?

i just sent it its a blank rainbow screen rn

yeah that’s what’s supposed to happen

…except it’s not working on my end

what it say on ur end

it says you’re not online
both jli29 and j123123 didn’t work

did u do capss

caps doesn’t matter but yes i did try

what did you log in as?

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you good man?

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you still need this?