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Looking for a Torchic or it's evolutions

Trading Name: SmhVikki

Offer: Anything reasonable

Request: Torchic or evolutions of it

Further info:

If you don’t care about the ability or the IV’s, I can give you one in exchange for a rare candy.

If you want the HA however (I got a few w HA), I can breed u one with good IVs for an IV stone.

Lmk which one you want :)) (they’re all low lvl/lvl1 torchics btw)

I don’t care ab ability or IV.

Are you up for trading right now? Sorry for the late reply. :slight_smile:

yeah sure! so the rare candy then?

my ign’s hulaunicorns and I actually realized I have a combusken instead, can still give you the HA too :))

combusken will work great

you ready now? I’ll get online if you are

i need to put the rare candy on a random poke gimme a sec

sure lmk!


i’m online rn so send me a req :))

i did, currently on the rainbow screen

thanks !!

Oh btw this riolu was jolly (which is one of the best natures for lucario) so if you care about this and want it back lmk :))

Otherwise thanks for the candy and hope it serves you well!

nope, its fine i already have a jolly natured lucario that i trained and its in my pc!

Ah ok perfect, just thought I’d ask j in case :))

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