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Looking for a Larvitar


Trading Name: MrFapulous

Offer: I don’t really have anything :c

Request: Larvitar

Further info: I just started playing the game and would love to train a Larvitar from the beginning of the game. Was looking for info on how to get one ingame and came to the conclusion it’s going to take quite a while for me to get one. So I was wondering if someone would be able to give me a Larvitar.


I can breed you one with dragon dance?


That would be amazing! If that’s not too much trouble!


cool! ill try and breed one tonight but i might have to do tommorrow because of exams and stuff. ill message on here when its bred. also, can you trade eggs? or will i have to hatch it?


That’s alright! Let me know when it’s done and I’ll hop on as soon as possible!
I’m not sure about trading eggs. Is this a function you need to unlock ingame? Because then probably not, since I’m not very far in the game yet.


i dont know if its a function or anything but i have the egg ready to trade now


Oh awesome! Well, we can always just try trading the egg! I can be online today between 19.00 and 21.00 CEST. Would that work for you?

EDIT: Or just let me know when you can be online!


sorry for not replying i have been studying and that my main priority right now because of the exams.
i can be online right now if you are able, and if not then tomorrow at 22:00 GMT + 1


That’s alright dude! No problem! I understand your priority lies there, as it should.

I’m not sure if my calculations were correct, but did you mean you would be able to be online in about 1 and a half hour?


i can be on from now onwards


Awesome, I’m online right now! My ingame name is MrFapulous (No typo)

What’s yours?


in game name is Struan but how does one actually start a trade? from where?

btw love ur ingame name


Haha, thanks!

You can go online ingame, through the menu. Choose the option DexNav, register an account and login, then choose the option to trade and we will find out if it’s possible to trade an egg hahah


wait i did a muck up i think
my online name is crible actually, i just read from the trainer card.
sorry this is my first time doing this


ah will do now


No problem! When choosing the option to trade, just type in my name and I will type in yours and it should connect us.


i typed it it said ur not online


huh i swear it was an egga minute ago


Can you try again? I’m trying to connect with you now


oh ok, it seems to have connected me i can see your party? ill end it and try again