Looking for a Jolly Delta Growlithe

Trading Name: Aj2005

Offer: 2-3 IV stones

Request: Jolly Delta Growlithe / Arcanine

Further info: The IVs doesn’t matter i am just looking for a jolly natured one.

I think I might be able to help with that. Lemme just grab my Delta Arcanine and I’ll be right back. Btw, my trading name is Egill

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Thanks are u available to trade within a few minutes?

Yup. Only 9:25 where I live so I have plenty of time

Alright I’ll be online rn

Do you want it to be any particular level?

No even lvl 1 is fine lol

Alright. Just wait a sec, I’ll get a Jolly Growlithe like you asked

I’ll leave the iv stones in ur secret base


Not yet. Need to breed for a Jolly one

Oh ok. My class will start now so can we trade in an hour if the growlithe is ready then

Alright. DM me on my Discord (Egill Úlfar#6759) at that time

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I have the Jolly Growlithe. Took me a little while. You ready soon?

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Thanks a lot I’m ready to trade now

Alright. Let’s do this

Send a trade request

I have

Thanks for the growlithe I’ve left 3 iv stones in your secret base

I’ll pick em up after I get shiny UFI

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