Looking for a granbull

Trading Name: Dark1Mystic

Offer: IV stones?

Request: Granbull: Nature: Adamant Ability: Intimidate Egg moves: Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, And Close Combat

Further info: Might not respond quickly cuz of school but ill respond to you as fast i can

Okay, I’ll do it. Do you want perfect ivs too, that would cost more

yea i would like good ivs. how much would it be?

I can do it for one stone. (Could’ve asked at my shop :stuck_out_tongue: ) with perfect ivs

yea okay ill let you know if i dont trade with cow okay?

so cheese cow"s not going to do it do you still want to do it?

Sure but it’ll take a little bit of time cause I’m working on someone else’s order and I’m pretty busy irl rn.

in about how much time are u gonna be ready?

and sorry for not responding quickly i was out of my house for like the whole day

Also when can you trade for those 10 IV stones x 5 megastones?

now doesn’t work btw

uhh maybe we can do it tmr

but its either in the morning or at night maybe in the afternoon cuz i might go out

It’s gonna take a maximum of two weeks. Just depends on when I finish mamat’s order because it will take almost no time.


actually cheese if you dont mind i dont want the granbull anymore i already got one

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