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Looking for a foreign Ditto

Trading Name: Camsen

Offer: One 6-IV Ditto (I think it’s English, but I live in Denmark)

Request: One Ditto (Non-ENG/USA)

Further info: Masuda method.

I have a Greek Ditto, but do you want it to have one(or more) 6IV(S) as well?

Thanks for replying! I would love a Greek Ditto, but it doesn’t have to have 6-IV(S). I’m perfectly fine with a normal Ditto caught in the wild. When are you ready to trade, and what is your trading name?

So i can trade right now , what your trading name(Mine is giannisk)

I can trade now too, my trading name is Camsen. I have never traded in this game before, so do we both have to go into the Dexnav to do it?

You have to go to the dexnav , and go to the trade option (i think you know what’s the trade options), then you have to login (or sign up if you hadnt already) and when you do that write my trading name (giannisk) .

Thank you. I’m logged in now and ready to write your trading name. Are you ready too?

i will be ready in a minute

Okay, that’s fine.

i am ready @Camsen

Send me again

Did you safely get it?

Yes, thank you! It worked perfectly. Thanks again!

No problem

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