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Looking for a Druddigon

Trading Name: LeAlpherix

Offer: Delta Pidgeot and Delta Roserade.

Request: Druddigon.

Further info: Please don’t offer me any dragon type I need Druddigon specifically.
Also, I’m in GMT time.

I also don’t care if I’m over paying. So don’t worry. I got plenty of other stuff.

let me geuss… you want to do the cindaquil trade


Can’t you catch one pretty early

Need it to have a perfect team.

you can find it in friend safari

I have four badges.

I’m on right now if any of you guys have it.

wait a sec


catching a drudd

So it’s a deal?

i can give the drudd for free because i do not need anything except shinies because i have a complete pokedex and also charity

Wow! Meaning you must have max level Pokemon (I’m assuming).

yes all max level primals and a mega ray


was hunting shiny ray before the post came

trade name dheer

Oh. Well then. Sorry if I’m disturbing ya and gl!