Looking for a delta scyther/scizor

Trading Name: ShelfDefence

Offer: Delta Scyther

Request: Delta Scyther

Further info:I’m not asking for something with perfect ivs, but i’d appreciate it if it had the ability hustle/tough claws if possible. If you want a different pokemon let me know and I’ll see what I can do, but i’ve only made it up to helios city so please keep that in mind.

If you want a new scyther because of its ability i can give u an ability capsule

What pokemon would you want for an ability capsule.

Also sorry it took so long for me to reply

I could give you an Ability Capsule for a normal Ditto, if you have one. As long as it isn’t from Region +3 and +4 (Denmark and such). Or I could also trade you my Delta Scyther for a Ditto if you’d rather prefer that. I’m available whenever you are.

I’ve captured a ditto, I think I’m fine with just scyther so long as it evolves ill be happy. If you want to do a second trade for an ability capsule that’s works for me. But if not that’s alright.

Thank you for being willing to trade a Foreign Ditto with me. I’ve used an ability capsule on my Delta Scyther so that it now has Hustle, and I’ve also made it hold a Metal Coat so that it will evolve once we trade. My trade name is Chrisca. Also, sorry for the late reply. I hope you’re still online right now.

Sorry it took me so long to reply again. I was at work when you messaged me yesterday.

I checked the wiki and I think delta scyther needs a nevermelt ice to evolve. Other than that I think we’re good to go. I’m ready whenever you are. Sorry this has been such a hassle.

My trade name is ShelfDefence

That’s okay, no worries.

You’re right, I gave my Delta Scyther the nevermelt ice instead. I’m also ready now. Btw, where are you from? I’m asking to make sure the Ditto I get is foreign.

I’m from America

Ok thanks again. I’ll log in now and start a trade with you.

I seem to be having some connection issues. I’m not too sure what’s going on but ill give it one more try

Is it working now?

Unfortunately no. It was working just fine about an hour ago but now its gone and shit the bed. I’m really sorry about this. We were so close too.

I’ll try and get it working and I will send message you as soon as I get it running.

That’s a shame. We really were close.

I’ll wait for you, no worries. I hope it works again soon.

Thanks for understanding, hopefully I’ll be able to get it running soon.

You’re very welcome. Good luck!

Had any luck making it work yet?

Not yet. I get off work in about 3 hours so we can give it another go when I get home if you want. I’m not sure what time It will be where you are so we can try again tomorrow if need be.

I’m free now, sorry for the late reply. We can try again whenever you are ready.

you can evolve scyther without trading btw