Looking for a delta golett (completed)

Trading Name: Terminegro666

Offer:deltas like axew or ralts

Request: delta golett,

Further info:

Do you have an IV stone by any chance? Or good natured deltas?

Yes I do. 1 IV for a delta golett?

Sounds good, lmk when you’re ready :))

8 PM ok?

I’m in ET so 8pm is 8hrs and 15mins away for me. What time zone are you in?

Now it’s ten to 8PM, I’m online now

I’m from Italy however
6 hour of difference from u😅

ohhh I see, wasn’t expecting that haha. I’m online now, lmk :))

I send you the request

Trading name?

hulaunicorns, and I’m online now :))

Are u sure?

yeah, try again

lmao i’ve been requesting for the past 10 mins lol, is it working for you?

Sorry my connection si so bad

I’m waiting for you

just sent another req, hope it works soon xD

ok wait log out, and try again now

i gtg to soon so lmk if it works

got it? and thanks for the stone :))