Looking for 6IV Pawniard

Trading Name: VasPex

Offer: I’ve got a bunch of 4-5IV Adamant Cacneas with seed bomb

Request: 6IV (Preferably Jolly or Adamant) Pawniard. Sucker Punch and Knock Off would be cool on it, but I can breed them onto it myself if necessary.

Further info: The only real necessity is 6IVs. Also unrelated, but 6IV Ditto would be equally as good (not that I think I’ll just get a free one)

Why 6IV? The Special Attack IV is practically useless unless you’re running a special bisharp which isn’t all that common. If you’re fine with a 5IV, I’d suggest looking in the discord, there was someone there that was offering 5IV jolly pawniards with sucker punch earlier.

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