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LK For Delta Fungoos


Trading Name: LinZH222

Offer: Delta Dragonite - Jolly Nature LV55

Request: Delta Fongoos

Further info: I need It as i have lost track of the delta fongus in the holon region, my time zone Is
GMT+ 8, also if you would like, i could contact you VIA discord - PuchongBoy#0239


I can get you a delta foongus, the name is MastersHideout. I am in PST (GMT -8). My discord is MastersHideout#2200.


Thanks! Sorry For The Late Reply As I Was Still Sleeping. I’ll add you on discord


Wish i could help but im also looking for a delta (still in the main story) im trying to get delta froakie but i figured out a few minutes ago i can’t get it till post game😔


Hey, if you’d like a delta froakie, you could open a new thread, also im actually searching for delta froakie soon, if you’d like one, i’d be happy to breed one for you,


Hey man i did open a thread and it was solved but thanks for the offer :+1:

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