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List of bugs glitches i found


1: in the safari zone, if you manage to let your 30 safari balls run out before the timer does, you’ll be spawned at the middle of the Gate, if you move away from it and back in the middle without exiting the gate, you can re-enter but your safari game has no timer, giving you infinite steps.

2: the first member of the Elite four (forgot her name) doesn’t attack at all on Randomizer.

3: if Deoxian has his Deoxys attack form randomized in an pokemon with a mega evolution, it will come out as a mega, once Damian sends out his actual mega evolution pokémon, it crashes the game once mega evolution is triggered.

4: The Houndoomite is unreachable.

5: Kyurem is not encounterable yet.

6: fishing up Delta Remoraid stops you from being able to fish.

7: Spritzee doesn’t have a cry, neither does U.F.I.

8: Diancie uses the cry of Venusaur and Fletchling uses the cry of Fletchinder

9: both Red and the back-side of the female trainer are missing some pixels.

10: Randomizer allows FEMALE Delta Gallade to appear in the wild.

I don’t have more right now…