LF: Thundurus with "better" nature

Trading Name: shui998

Offer: Adamant Thundurus with 2 IV stones

Request: Thundurus with a good (or “better”) nature

Further info: yeah I caught him and accidentally saved the game… Now I have Thundurus with a high attack stat. If you are not planning on training/using him, think about this offer, pls :slight_smile:

I might be able to depending on how many natures you think are “good” on Thundurus.

I can’t give you my Timid thundurus because i soft reset it 60+ times for HP ice, but I can get you the 5iv dragon pulse milotic for your 2 iv stones …?

Uhh I still have to farm them… -.- I’m still thinking about Milotic… What is better or more practical? A protean Greninja or a (hopefully soon mega) Milotic?

But my Greninja has a really bad moveset, without grasknot and icebeam… And I don’t know how to EV train ;S

what is your thundurus’ nature? :smiley:

Protean greninja is really good.

Yeah it would be good… Mine is definetely NOT. (Scald, extrasensory, the other two attacks are *** )^^

I havent caught one yet.

I think that timid is a good nature for him… :smiley:

One specific nature will be pretty hard to get and I don’t want to SR that many times, sorry. If you are okay with other natures, I could try and do that.

@timmy_kimmy I can send you a synchronize ralts with timid nature, so that if you put it at the front of your party then any pokemon you encounter will be timid no matter what

Oh yea thank you so much for that I completely forgot about synchronize. Thank you for your offer but I have one, I just forgot about it.

Oh ok then!

cow538 reminded me of synchronize. I can catch your timid Thundurus soon, and we can trade sometime tomorrow?

@timmy_kimmy I try to get these stones for you, thx :slight_smile:

@cow538 thx for the idea ^^

I’ll be on tomorrow roughly at the same time, we can trade then.

Found 1 IV stone after a long time of rock smashing… Maybe I won’t be ready tomorrow… -.-’

I’m cool with 1IV stone, tell me when you can trade.

Can I send you the second stone a little bit later? Either way I’m going to farm these stones ( If I have more free time ) to trade with cow or someone else for better IV-pokes…

I can be online in 10min :slight_smile:

I don’t mind. I’ll be on discord if you use it? Or just reply here when you’re ready.