LF Soaring Deltas DONE

Trading Name: greenation1

Offer: pretty much every other delta, no good ivs or nature tho

Request: Delta Pichu line, Delta Drifloon line, Delta Wailmer line

Further info: haven’t found any of those, and I’ve been soaring for like 3 days

Do you have a Jolly Delta Riolu you can breed me? I don’t care about IVs and I’ll give breedjects for all the soaring Deltas for that.

I have a delta pichu, im can give it for a a delta larvest or a delta deino, ur choice dont really care about ivs or nature though

:confused: sorry my Delta Lucario isn’t Jolly and I don’t wanna waste time praying for it on Pokepon. So, sorry

I’ll just give you a random delta deino, sound good?

I can give you a D. Raichu and a D. Wailmer.

Do you want any non-soaring non-mythical Delta, or just any trashmon?

Any trashmon would do.

Tell me when to go. And also please hurry, I can’t stay for long.

I’m not gonna be home until 5 hours or so later, so just go.

Ah, okay

I’ll ping you when I get home.

I’ll be home after you. I’ll ping you. :slight_smile:

Sorry my mom just suddenly forced me to go swimming, will be back in 2.5 hours if you’re still here.

Sure, i’ll be here then.

I got a Jolly delta roilu

Yeah sure

I’m here now, but my laptop just blackscreened, so idk if I can do it today :\

Ah man. If your laptop gets better, @ me, but it’s fine if we can’t do it today. Hope your laptop gets better. :slight_smile: