LF Relic Song Meloetta To Borrow

Trading Name: KD29

Offer: Not sure I should give anything in specific since I’ll give it back in a few minutes. I just need one to mimic relic song onto my delta meloetta to change its form. I can give you my meloetta as insurance to make sure I give you mine back. I’m not done with Holon yet but I want to use magician meloetta in my team

Request: Meloetta with Relic Song

Further info: Will give it back as soon as I change my delta meloettas form.

I would be happy to help after I teach mine relic song

I am actually was on my way there when I saw this post and trading nickname nutuse

I’m off the game for the next 7 hours. Will you be free to trade after that?

actually I just got told I will be busy during that time how about 9 hours then we trade

I’m ready to trade when you are.

Never mind dude, I just got the Relic Song meloetta from a friend, i don’t need to trade anymore.

Thanks Anyways though.

your welcome and I’m sorry I forgot and was trying to get my delta melloetta back

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