LF Pokemon's (DONE)

Trading Name: yellowing

Offer: IV stones(max 5)

Request: greninja,talonflame,ditto

Further info:

I can get you a Greninja, a Talonflame and a Ditto.

what happen at discord

and how many ivs you want?

What about 5? Just let me the time to level up the talonflame (because it’s still at it’s first evolutive stade).

By the way, I’m asking 5 because the Greninja is EV trained and has protean.

i meant 5 lv stones

Yes, I know.

Are you still here?

yeap why?

I have all your Mons, let’s trade, what’s your trade name? Mine is KiritoXSword.

let me get some trashmons

We’ll start by trading two trashmons, then we’ll trade the Pokemons you want, don’t forget to give an IV stone to each Trashmon, by the way.

sorry, got to go will be back in half an hour

Ok, hurry up, tho.

ok i’m ready u

Two secs, let me finish a fight and pick the Mons.

can you explain more simply

Trade name? Mine is KiritoXSword.