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LF Normal Timid Cyndaquil with HP grass

Trading Name: Froggi_chair

Offer: 3 IV stones

Request: A normal timid cyndaquil with HP grass

Further info: I plan on shiny breeding one after these two nightmares that are victini and shroomish

I can also do a dream mist/bredmon along with the IV stones

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I can pretty much try to get one.

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It shouldn’t be so hard

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So, since I have a 0 Atk IV Delta ditto, I’ll just SR at the day care for a 30 SpAtk IV Cynda, and just hope my Delta ditto passes down it’s 0 Atk IV kekw

lmao alright

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why HP Grass? Just use solar beam

He’s not always gonna have sun tho


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