LF Masuda Delta Ditto

Trading Name: froggi_chair

Offer: 6 IV masuda ditto, a very happy shiny mew, 5 IV stones, and 6 dream mists

Request: Non-US delta ditto

Further info:welp looks like I’ve bred so many mons thinking I had a masuda ditto lol



that mew is very happy

Once I get mine from Aj I could let you borrow it when I’m not hunting.

nah, I’d rather not worry about having to take it out of the daycare every once in a while

just try ur luck WT i got a terrakion tat way

I’d rather not, literally no one is going to do that lol

backinblack crying in their dreams about their spanish ditto


also wait how do u know its not masuda

masuda chart from wiki

so your’s wasnt masuda as well… lmao

Not sure how long it will take me, as I’ve been stuck shiny hunting darkrai, but I do have a portugese delta ditto that I may be willing to trade.

:eyes: lmk if you would like to trade, and I can also offer a few more dream mists, and a few bredmons

Can do! Unfortunately, it may be a while since I’ve been soft resetting on and off for a little while with no success… (does closing the program have any effect on the odds vs keeping the program running and constantly soft resetting?)

no I don’t think it changes the odds at all, but it is faster just soft resetting

Do we choose one of the offers? or we get all? I can give masuda ditto for the shiny mew if thats what your talking about

all of it

no way… that’s literally TOO much

eh idrc