LF: Larvitar w/Egg Moves; FT:IV Stones, plus 6IV Gastly

Trading Name: KingDogbertXIV

Offer: 6IV, Timid Gastly with no EVs. I can get IV Stones as well.

Request: Larvitar with Dragon Dance… That’s all I know at the moment.

Further info: In the future, I want to try using Armored Tyranitar. The problem is that I don’t know a good set for it. I’m stumped.


Five IV Stones for “the works”?

Three for just the Egg Moves?

Two for just DDance?

I’d rather have a Jolly one…

Is that doable?

How much for a Jolly Larvitar with DDance and 5 IVs?

I want the one that costs 3 IV Stones.

I’m farming now.


ten mins


How much?


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