LF: Klefki with Dual Screens

Trading Name: Spi

Offer: Garchomp M @ IV Stone, Level 50, Rough Skin, Jolly Nature, 6 IV, Untrained EVs, Earthquake/Outrage/Rock Slide/Swords Dance

Request: Klefki, Any Level, Female, Prankster, Careful Nature, 5-6 IV, EVs don’t matter, Light Screen+Reflect is a must

Further info: Thunder Wave, Foul Play, and Swagger are appreciated I can add more IV stone(s) if it is EV trained

I can breed and EV train it. How much IV stones are you willing to give? I don’t need the garchomp though, you can keep it.

It’s okay, I’ve decided to stop looking for one. Someone please close the topic.

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