LF: Jolly Mold Breaker Drillbur/Excadrill

Trading Name: bredification

Offer: Barter for any of these items
Some unique ID number pokemon
Heart Scales
Rare Candies
3+IV 'mons, organized below by nature

Jolly: delta beldumR / axew / kabuto
Adamant: delta beldumS / karrablast
Modest: delta squirtle
Timid: delta noibat/noctowl

Request: Jolly Drillbur/Excadrill. Level doesn’t matter

Further info: I’d prefer ones with higher IVs, and will offer more for them, but the nature and ability are non-negotiable

I have the Drillbur he has 5IVs, and i want a Delta Squitle, if you want i can make him 6IVs

Alright. I am able to trade for the next few minutes if you happen to be on. Otherwise, I’ll be able to trade in a couple of hours. I apologize for the wait if there is one.

Gtg again. Will be online in a few hours. Thank you for your patience.

Will be on to trade for the next few hours.

Sorry for making you wait,im online now, you want the nature that boosts speed right?

We both kept each other waiting so it’s all good anyway.
Correct, +spe -spatk. And I’ll be on in a minute

And I can live with a 5IV one. Trade name?


Alright, I’m online. Ready whenever you are.

Wait, i need to see a video to remember how to trade

Push “d” then click on the option that looks like a bracelet, then create or log into your acct, then just push the trade option and type in my name. Bredification

I am doing that but it doens’t happen anything

I’m dumb and skipped a step. Click on the button between the map and the pokeball. It looks like a bracelet

I know how to do that, but when i put your name it doens’t happens anything

I was alt tabbing to make sure we were on the same page. alright. I’ll f12 to make sure it’s not my game that’s messing up. :smile:

Its probably my game

Ready and waiting.

Did it worked?

Lol, you gave me a quiet one. But yes, the trade went through. I asked for Jolly

If you want i can give the other too

Other? I just wanted a jolly one. :sweat_smile: