Lf for normal foreigh ditto

Trading Name: momo9chan

Offer: normal ditto i’m form the netherlands btw

Request: a normal foreigh ditto form

Further info: i just unlocked the place i can catch normal ditto but i wanna trade my dutch ditto for a foreigh ditto for later for breeding i don’t care for iv it just need to be a ditto not form the netherlands

I can get you some US dittos, any chance you’d be able to sync one with a timid or jolly nature for me? Also, region is based on computer language rather than by location. (so if your computer language is set to dutch there’d be no problems)

yes it dutch but i can get you a timid one is that alright?

yeah that certainly works for me! would you like yours to be a specific nature?

not really i don’t really mind

alrighty, i’ll get one for ya real quick. should only take a minute! my trade name will be same as on here

oke got you your timid one ready i am online tell me when your ready

sweet, need another min. as this ditto is being a pain in the butt to catch lol

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understable your was not easy to catch either

alrighty, i’ve got it and ready to trade!

oke nice hopefully it will go well

alrighty logging into dexnav now, will send req in a sec

sending request to you now

thank you

no problem, thank you as well!

your welcome

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