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LF for non us ditto

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: us ditto

Request: non us ditto

Further info:i have only just realized that my comp lang was english us when i started my playthrough, thus meaning my masuda ditto is useless

ask in the discord since a non us delta ditto is much more rare here

good idea

i read Delta ditto fsr lmao
I can get ya a normal one

i meant delta ditto actually lmao, mines adamant


I’ll trade my 0Atk IV Timid for it

i can get you one in a day

uhhh delta?


ohh… ok

oh damn, what your comp lang

Greek, as always

was it greek when you started the save? if so im down, tho gimme like 10 min gotta run to the pc im at terminus cave

Yes, it was Greek when I started the save

Also, I can’t trade now oof.

awesome, gimme 10 min

oh, well just ping/pm when your free

Yup, will do

It doesn’t have max ivs btw