LF Female Delta Ralts For My Male One

Trading Name: RXSTY

Offer: male delta ralts

Request: female delta ralts

Further info: prefer if the nickname was rosalina but not required

I can give you one, but it will be a gardevoir


sorry I have to go, will be able to do it in like 20 min

thats fine, whats your trading name, also what level is she?

trading names: aryaddesai

sorry if its a little high but she’s lvl 67

nvm i can do it right now

okay, thats fine, mines RXSTY

are you online

Im not able to see your team, and i can’t move, lets try it again


is it working for you

yeah its fine for me

man sorry, i don’t know why its not working for me, i have to go out, but if you find a deal then accept it

sorry bout that

its okay, thanks anyways

acually, in insurgence, you can rename traded pokemon :slight_smile:

you still intrested i have a level 24 female kirlia ill trade you for the male ralts

Im happy to trade my lvl18 Delta ralts (female) for a male.

I Really want a male delta ralts! I have the Female Delta Ralts. Please, please, reply back if you want to.