LF Delta Volcarona Armor

Trading Name: slowcoke

Offer: A lot of heart scales, mega stones (not all sadly), deltas (also not all)

Request: Delta Volcarona Armor

Further info: I can’t progress in the Dead Realm post-game quest due to a wall glitch after the Damian battle. Therefore i can’t get the Delta Volcarona Armor which i really would like to get to use on a new playthrough. I know it’s very far in the post-game and therefore i would litterary trade anything which i have in my possession for it.

I doubt anyone would trade you a delta volcarona armor because there is only 1 per game

That’s true :/, i do have other stuff i can offer like a dream mist, 2 IV stones, +20 rare candies, rare mega stones like Spiritombite and Stunfiskite. If anyone is interested in that for the armor that would be fantastic :d

None of those are especially hard to get. 20 minutes in the Battle Tower could get you all of that. Spiritombite and Stunfiskite are guaranteed per save file and getting flags is easy, so they aren’t rare at all.

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