LF Delta Ralts for a new game

Trading Name: EnigmaSeed

Offer: Nothing special…

Request: Delta Ralts (female)

Further info: Hoping to Start a new game and use Delta ralts as my starter, as such i cant really offer anything interesting in return. I would greatly appreciate a Modest nature and decent IV’s but its not necessary. If you have any good breeding fodder your willing to part with i will gladly take it.
Thank you in advance.

by any chance did you keep your old game ? i’m having trouble getting a d karrablast and/or a d. gollette so if u do i’ll trade u a decent fem d. ralts for either of those

I do have my old save but, unfortunately, i have neither of those pokemon…
Actually i dont think i even got far enough to get to them the last time i played.

Thank you anyway, though.

aww floof that’s ok xD
I can still give you a f. d. Ralts, but its stats aren’t great.
lmk if ur still up for it

Yeah, i’d love to, thank you! I am away from my computer at the moment though… Would you be available later tonight, or would tomorrow work better?

I’ll be available for a few more hours, probs until midnight E.T.

when do you think you’ll be free?

oh btw do you have any quick balls?

Ah sorry, i just got home. i am available to trade now if your still around.
also unfortunately i do not have any quick balls, it seems i didnt get very far the last time i played. x.x

sure! im on rn so lmk when ur ready

my trading name is hulaunicorns

also would you happen to want a totodile? I was breeding them for perfect IVs yesterday so i have a ton that i’ll probably end up releasing anyways ~

or a dratini? I have a ton of those too…

yeah sure, i’d love an extra dratini and/or totodile :stuck_out_tongue:
Give me just a moment here, i just have to go catch some trade fodder xD

k, just lmk when ur ready :))))

(they’re all lvl 1 btw)

alright, im good to go!
(although i should probably mention i havent dont trading on this before… that might have been important information…)

im online rn so it should work

and haha dw, its pretty simple
just login on dexnav, select trade and type in my name
i’ll be able to accept after that

sounds good, im standing by then :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh we had it xD
hulaunicorns is me

uuh, oops, i think i cancelled that…

no problemo, i’m Sending you another request rn

oml is it stuck for you too?

it was last time, thats why i quit, this time it was fine though xD