LF Delta Liepard [Trade Closed]

Trading Name: Retroman000

Offer: Would be willing to trade a single IV stone

Request: Delta Liepard

Further info: I just need one to get my own breeding started, Nature and IV’s don’t matter to me.

Can you trade now?

Sure, totally. Never traded before, so, how do you trade an item? Just slap it on a random useless mon?

Yeah, gimme a minute tho still breeding the Liepard.

Alright, not a problem

Alright my trade name is IcePrime. Tell me when to go.

And sent

Let’s try that again, it’s giving me a blank screen.

Same here, alrighty

Are you still there? It says you’re not online.

Sorry, computer’s not the greatest so it takes a moment to restart the game, should be on now

Alright thanks and enjoy :slight_smile:

And there we go. Thanks to you too!

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