LF Delta dratini & delta aron

Trading Name: Zilox

Offer: I dont really have anything good to offer :confused: just wanna use these 2 guys who are among my favorite pokemons for my story run (i think they are available in the latest parts of the story)

Request: Delta dratini or delta aron (if you have both, that’d be perfect)

Further info: Dont really care about ivs/egg moves. Good natures would be a plus, but not really that important either. Thank you in advance!

I can breed you one of each, if you would like. You can give me anything.

Hey man, sorry I just read this (was working). If you still can, I’d really appreciate it!.

Of course man. Just need to breed the aron and then we can trade

Ok, let me know when you are ready!

Ready. Username: Tony20014

Says you arent online, my username is Zilox

Try it again.

Mine is waiting on you.

Nope, same message.Even re logged.

I’ll try to relog

Try now.

Same message, Getting this:

Weird. Mine is waiting for your.

You try to enter my name first?

Ok I will

Did you do it?

Same thing, game is saying you arent online. Sigh

Traded yesterday with no issue, so idk whats going on

I’ve done this before. Don’t know why it is not working.