LF Delta Charmander & Squirtle (Or evolutions)

Trading Name: Serqui

Offer: (Almost) Whatever. Can breed any pokemon you’re missing. And have some spares IV Stones.

Request: Just need 1 quick Delta Charmander or D. Squirtle so I can breed replicas of mine.

Further info: I wanna complete my Living Dex man, started with Eevee and with the post-game bugged, I can’t get those 2 starters, the only thing I’m missing (except Kyurem who’s bugged as of now)


You can start a new save and trade the starters once you get them, or I could get them for you if you want.

I can breed you a timid D. Charmander and a Modest D. Squirtle with at least 4 IVs (too lazy to make it perfect 5 unless but if you want I can).

I don’t really mind the natures and IVs, not going to use them, they going straight to the PC for my living dex. Anything works.

Ah okay trashmons work too then.

I’m ready to trade @ me when you’re free.

I’m ready. What’s your In-game trade name?


Alright, done and done. Thanks man.

Awesome thanks :slight_smile:

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