LF Delta Bulbasaur

Trading Name: Canddy

Offer: Any delta pokemon

Request: Delta Bulbasaur any nature any IVs

Further info:

yo i remember we tried this earlier and had issues because of the server going down, im down to do it for a delta dratini ^^

sure, any nature for dratini?

adamant if you can, btw i could breed the delta bulb to be modest on my main or just give it as the first starter i get on this new playthrough which you prefer?

w/e you want its just to complete the dex. ok breeding right now

ready when you are then ^^

trade name is matsilva btw

100+ eggs and not even 1 adamant, im sorry but ill have to continue tomorrow

wooooow jeeesus thats crazy

okay how bout this i have one on my main im sure

ill trade you the bulbasaur here and then ill switch to my other save, where you pass the dratini from one save to the other, sound good?

that would be great dude!

sounds good ^^ also a delta larvesta just incase, but alright ill start with the bulbasaur to you, say when to start trade.

i can do it as many times as u need. ok im on now

says you arent online as canddy thats weird

alright ill head to the other save now, ill say when to start

iight ready

since you said as many i brought a couple others, this team will be it.

it doesnt seem to show your mons or allow me to move to offer different ones rn one sec

kk now go