LF Delta Bulbasaur

Trading Name: Btman153

Offer: Just started the game :sweat_smile: I have a Sylveon level 15

Request: Delta Bulbasaur

Further info: I will take any delta bulbasaur. I would trade myself but i cant open multiple windows on mac. Any help is appreciated

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i can give you a delta squirter but if you only need the d.bulba then it might take a day but again someone might already have it and trade it to you

@Happy Omg, I will definitely take that squirtle! And i would also want that bulbasaur, would you be available to trade anytime after 7 PST?

U SERIOUS PST well where do you live i live in lahore

and the bulba may take a day so wait we’ll trade the squirter in the afternoon

and maybe if it’s ok the squirter evolved into wartortle

@Happy I live in San Francisco, and I can wait for the bulbasaur, that’s no problem, and I’m fine with the wartortle, makes no big difference to me And sorry about the late reply, just got out of class

We live in similar timezones, as I am in California. I will give you all starters for free, as they don’t take too much time to get.

@Dechozen101 Really!? That would be wonderful, I’ll be available after 7, does that work for you?

Yeah, that’d be pretty convenient. I’ll ping you when I got them. Ping me back when you want to trade.

@Dechozen101 sounds good :blush:

Well darn, I actually can’t get you the other deltas, but I can give you squirtle. I’m too shy to ask for somebody else to help me transfer, but you can ask around for somebody who may help you transfer saves for the other two pokemon.

@Dechozen101 I’m fine with just a squirtle :blush: that wasn’t even the intended one :laughing: @Happy I am still down to trade for the bulbasaur, if you can get it.

Well can you trade now? My trading name’s Dechozen101.

@Dechozen101 sorry, I’m not home right now, using my phone, if you could give me till about 6:40 I will be able to trade

Alright. Ping me whenever you’re free then.

@Dechozen101 Im ready to trade :smile: just got home

Ok, on your call, I’ll send a request.

I sent a request :smile: Thanks so much! Now all I needs is a Bulbasaur and I got myself the starting trio