LF delta breedjects

Trading Name: bredification

Offer: 3+IV 'mons, organized below by nature.
Some unique ID number pokemon

Jolly: delta beldumR / axew / kabuto

Adamant: delta beldumS / karrablast

Modest: delta squirtle

Timid: delta noibat/noctowl

Request: Deltas of the best nature and 2+ IVs. For example adamant delta growlithe(thanks, Tommy on wondertrade!) timid delta larvesta or timid delta medicham

Further info: Looking to expand my pokepool a bit more. Wonder trade has been interesting but generally fruitless. I’m winning the Roggan lottery pretty often, which is nice, but otherwise not getting anything interesting.

does bold d feebas 5x31 or combee jolly 5x31 interest you?

I’m interested in both! What would you like in exchange?

gave away feebas but have coombe left.karrablast squirte or noibat one of those is fine

Alright. What’s your trade name?

Vaporator. you can send trade now

trying now

you having some issue?

no it freezes on the waiting try again

again says user left trade

maybe some issue with trading rn? I’ve put up karrablast every time asap

and it says the same for me haha

ill try restarting game


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thank you!

I’ll continue to solicit trades from this thread. I don’t know that I’ll get replies but you might want to mute the thread* if you don’t intend to trade in it anymore, on the chance that you’ll get notifications you don’t want. I know that that bugs me a lot, personally.

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