LF: Delta Aipom or Ambipom

Trading Name: Takatox50

Offer: A 5iv Riolu with your choice of it’s main abilitiy (Inner Focus or Steadfast)

Request: A Delta Aipom or Ambipom

Further info: I do not care for what the Aipom’s level is, what it’s ability is, or even what it’s iv’s are, as long as it’s a delta aipom. I accidentally fainted the one in my game, and I’m trying to 100% complete the game.

are you willing to trade any deltas in return ? ( instead of riolu ) .

Yeah, I can trade trade any kind that I have, but for me to get a good iv version of it (if you want) it may take a while.

That is great to hear. is it possible for you to breed and give away a spare D volcarona ( or larvesta any level ) with armor ? i’ll return with a D Aipom with the best IV’s I could catch and probably an IV stone . sounds good ?

Yeah, it is possible, and I don’t care about how many iv’s it has or whether or not it holds an IV stone, I just really need to get one. Tomorrow I am pretty busy due to having a late Thanksgiving celebration as my family spends that day doing all the deals and such, so I estimate the time it will take for me to get at least a 5iv Larvesta will be about 2 days, due to school and homework.

that is perfect; just update here whenever you wanna trade .

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