LF: D. Dratini (perfect IV)

Trading Name: Red141

D. Haxorus, D. Gardevoir, D. Charmeleon, D. Beldum (Spider). 1x IV stone, 1x Dream Mist. Pick your poison.

D. Dratini (or any evolution) with perfect IV and naughty nature.

Further info:
Looking for above pokemons to finish my team. I don’t have a lot to offer except some leftover pokemons and those two items. I might have something else you need, you can always ask. And if someone wants any of the pokemon I’m offering, let me know in the comments below.

I wont be available until tomorrow afternoon (like around 1 pm ET), but I have some near perfect iv timid nature delta larvesta for trade

Awesome! What would you like in return? I’m CEST so let me know what time suits you.

i have a delta larvesta(lvl 1) with perfect IV timid nature if u want. if u have a pokemon holding leftovers i could use that but if not its totally fine :smile:

Hey yeah, I have an extra leftovers! doesn’t matter which pokemon?
I’m online now.

doesnt matter the pokemon going online now

Ive sent trade

im pretty sure u dont want to send u d charizard

Im sorry but this is my first trade… Im not able to move through my pokemons to select one

lest make another one then

no, ty. imma switch the one to first position.

sent inv

Thanks a lot for the larvesta! :slight_smile:

i hope everything is as u wanted :slight_smile:

Yeah, perfect! Ty bro

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