LF d.Ditto

Trading Name: smokeyb

Offer: d.Ditto (Israel/US not so sure… but I think Israel)

Request: d.Ditto (other region)

Further info: Masuda method

Barely anyone has a LF D.ditto. Just letting you know, but i did get a masuda method capable delta ditto from someone.

Anyways good luck on finding one.

You can check your ditto’s region by going into a few of your comp settings and seeing what language it has iirc

Ur is hebrew, i asked duek few weeks ago(he’s a dev)

I have a US one i could trade

Cool. When is a good time for you?

i could do it now

Wont be free today. Tommorow?

I would also like to contest for a Hebrew delta ditto if it is not too late to do such. I have a NA (English) 6IV adamant delta ditto that I would be willing to trade in exchange for yours at any time of your choice. Let me know if you are interested or if you have already made a trade. I should be available for another 5 or so hours after I post this and most of the following day.

you can have it I don’t really mind

I can trade now if its a good time

Sorry I missed you. If now is still a good time then I am open now and basically all day from this point out. If not, lmk when you are available and I can make the trade then.

I’m gonna reply to this directly in case you missed it. Open all day. Can trade later if you really need to. Just lmk when you’re up.

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